Trusts & Estates



A trust is an effective tool for managing your assets during your lifetime and for the benefit of your loved ones or favorite charity after you are gone.

Along with your tax and legal advisors, our trust professionals at The First Trust & Savings Bank can help manage:

  • Taxation and legal matters
  • Investment management
  • Farmland management
  • Charitable contributions

By naming The First Trust & Savings Bank as your trustee, you and your beneficiaries will benefit from the knowledge and expertise our team will commit through specialized service.


Good estate planning uses a combination of products, services and advisors to help you incur minimum expenses and provide for your loved ones for the future. An important part of your estate planning is selecting a representative to settle your estate according to your intentions. As executor, The First Trust & Savings Bank will provide these services:

  • Collecting and valuing all the assets
  • Filing any needed state and federal tax returns to include legally required reports to the court
  • Paying claims and debts of the decedent
  • Accounting to the heirs
  • Distributing the net assets to the beneficiaries of the estate according to your wishes, fairly and objectively

Your family members can count on us to listen carefully, to explain complicated procedures, and to give personal attention to your situation.


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