Other Fiduciary Services


Senior Financial Services - Bill Pay

Most adults are very capable of managing the day-to-day tasks involving money-from paying bills and balancing their checkbooks to transferring funds from one account to another. But many older persons have a difficult time managing their money, sometimes becoming overwhelming, creating anxiety and frustration. This is where The First Trust and Savings Bank Senior Bill Pay program can provide great assistance with:

  • Timely payment of bills by professionally trained specialists
  • Impartial and unbiased service (safer than individual POA or authorized signer)
  • Professional accounting and recordkeeping
  • Relationship based approach (act as the client’s advocate to pursue the right solution)
  • Federally and State regulated and independently audited and bonded/insured

Investment Management

The First Trust and Savings Bank provides investment management services to individuals and families who seek guidance in the management of their investment assets. Our Trust Officers have extensive experience in trust administration and investment management services. We will take the time to understand your needs, clarify your goals and evaluate your risk preferences before developing your investment plan. With your plan in place, we will monitor your plan’s progress, keep you informed and suggest changes as your situation or market conditions warrant.


Court-ordered guardianships protect the assets of those who are unable to handle their own financial responsibilities, typically children or disabled adults. As a financial guardian, we will be responsible for managing all assets in a prudent manner.

The professional staff at The First Trust and Savings Bank takes pride in a reputation of stability and integrity with the highest ethical standards when accepting the obligations required of a guardian.

Municipal Paying Agent

For local public entities (cities, villages, counties, school districts, etc.) that rely upon public markets for financing, The First Trust and Savings Bank can serve as your bond trustee, registrar, or paying agent, keeping these important functions right at home.


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